Wrapped Mouldings Capabilities

Machine Capabilities:

  • Panel Saw – Computerized optimization and scheduling for best yield
  • Edge Bander – Single and Double Sided for banding of laminate and solid wood up to 50 mm in width.
  • Point-to-point – Machine used for boring, routing, shaping, and sawing a wide range of parts. (continuous or straight)
  • Tenon Machine for panel and solid part processing. Used to dimension parts in length and width as well as tenon and shape parts. (score, trim, top and bottom tenon, and cope)
  • Feed through 32 mm Boring Machine for automated production of parts requiring a 32 mm system. (RTA)
  • Conventional Vertical and Horizontal Boring Machine – Excellent flexibility for boring a variety of sizes of holes horizontally and vertically.
  • Table Saw – utilized to dado, miter, or trim parts to length.
  • Pin Router – conventional router utilized for plunged cuts and parts.
  • Hot and Cold Laminators – 21 machines company wide. Laminates sizes up to 5’ wide x 12’ long. Thickness range from 2.6 mm up to 2 inches.
  • Voorwood and Fritz Wrapping Machines – capability to wrap a wide range of complex shapes and sizes of moldings with papers, vinyls and veneers.

Paper Overlay: 4 and 5 foot width capability

  • Printed Woodgrain, Acrylic top coated
  • Range: 30, 45, 50, 60 gram weight
  • Melamine, top coated
  • Solid, Decorative, and woodgrain prints
  • Range: 45, 60, 80 gram weight
  • Decorative Prints, top coated
  • Solid, and decorative prints
  • Pound Weight: 18, 23, 45

Vinyl Overlay: 4 and 5 foot width capability

  • Printed Woodgrain, Reverse Print
  • Thickness: 2 mil
  • Printed Woodgrain
  • Thickness: 4 mil, 6 mil, 7 mil
  • Decorative Prints
  • Thickness: 3 mil, 4 mil, 6 mil

Substrates: 5 foot maximum width?(inquire on lengths over 10′)

  • One and Two Side material can be provided.
  • Commercial (CPB) and Industrial Particle Board (IPB)
  • Medium Density Fiber Board (MDF)
  • Plywood
  • Lauan, Plywood: Domestic and Imported
  • Particle Board
  • Gypsum
  • OSB
  • Hardboard
  • Thickness: Min. 1/10″ Max. 1 1/8″ (inquire on thickness over 1 1/8″)

Wrapped Trim, Moulding & Fascia:
Patrick Industries can provide a wide variety of wrapped profiles using the industries most up to date equipment, including Voorwood and Fritz
Types of overlay:

  • Top coated Melamine paper
  • Woodgrain and Decorative paper
  • Vinyl overlay


  • IPB
  • MDF
  • Finger Jointed Pine
  • Lauan
  • Other substrates (inquire to your exact needs)

Stile and Face Frame Material:
Patrick Industries produces wrapped stiles and face frame material in a wide variety of sizes and substrates. We have the capability of wrapping widths from 3/4″ to 11″.
Types of Overlay:

  • Top coated melamine paper
  • Woodgrain and Decorative paper
  • Vinyl overlay
  • Veneer


  • IPB
  • MDF
  • Lightweight MDF
  • Lumber-Core
  • Veneer-Core
  • Other substrates (inquire to your exact needs)

Paper Wrapped Doors:
We also offer a variety of light weight, paper wrapped/laminated doors. These are our most economical doors, but still offer our great craftsmanship and quality.